Pilates Essentials for Physiotherapists.

Time to rethink your Pilates teaching.


Date:     TBC

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Presenter: John Contreras (APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, S&C Coach. Pilates Coach)

This is an RTR Pilates Level 1 course.

Pilates Essentials for Physiotherapists takes the evidence-base of injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and the initial stages of strength training into the Pilates studio. With an emphasis on the initial stages of Pilates rehabilitation the course explores both the coaching of Pilates exercises and Pilates program design.

Over two days, we will discuss the current evidence, consensus statements and models of rehabilitation for common musculoskeletal presentations to provide a foundation for the design and implementation of Pilates based rehabilitation programs.

This course is suitable for both clinicians currently teaching Pilates who are seeking to reboot and extend their repertoire, as well as those seeking an introduction to the use of Pilates for injury rehabilitation. All health professionals, students and new graduates are welcome to attend.

This is a Level 1 RTR Pilates course. For those with no prior Pilates experience, this workshop is a prerequisite for Pilates for High Performance Athletes (RTR Pilates Level 2) and other RTR Pilates workshops.

Course content includes:

  • The role of Pilates in injury management and athletic development

  • The evidence base for exercise in common musculoskeletal presentations

  • Pilates rehabilitation for spinal, lower and upper limb presentations

  • Designing a Pilates rehabilitation program

  • Becoming a Pilates coach


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