Pilates for High Performance Athletes

Bringing Sports Physiotherapy into the Pilates studio


Perth 26-27 Oct

Date: 26th-27th October 2019

Venue: Breathe Pilates Studio - Perth, WA

Presenter: John Contreras (APA Sports Physiotherapist, S&C Coach, Pilates Coach)

This is a RTR Pilates Level 2 course.

Pilates for High Performance Athletes explores the use of Pilates to address the later stage rehabilitation goals following sports injuries and progression towards athletic development.

Over two-days, we will explore the role of Pilates in athletic development. By evaluating current evidence, consensus statements and models of sports injury rehabilitation we will discuss the use of Pilates rehabilitation exercises to facilitate athletic development. This includes modifications to common Pilates exercises as well as novel uses of Pilates principles.

With emphasis on the later stages of Pilates rehabilitation, the course will discuss using Pilates for strength, neuromuscular and agility training. In addition, common lower and upper limb sporting injury presentations, relevant rehabilitation and return to sport requirements are examined within the context of Pilates management.

This course is suitable for clinicians currently teaching Pilates to an athletic population or those aiming to expand their athletic Pilates repertoire. All health professionals, students and new graduates with some prior Pilates experience are welcome to attend.

For those with no prior Pilates experience, attending the Pilates Essentials for Physiotherapists course (RTR Pilates Level 1) is recommended.

Course content includes:

  • Pilates based strength training for high performance and athletic development

  • Current rehabilitation guidelines for common sporting injuries

  • Pilates for later stage hamstring, groin, shoulder rehabilitation

  • Pilates for various athletic populations

  • Improving your Pilates coaching

  • Pilates program design for high performance athletes

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