Strength & Conditioning Essentials for Physiotherapists


Singapore 2-3 Nov Melbourne 16-17 Nov

Dates: Singapore: 2nd - 3rd Nov 2019

Melbourne: 16th - 17th Nov 2019

Presenter: John Contreras (APA Sports Physiotherapist, S&C Coach)

This is an RTR S&C Level 1 course.

Strength & Conditioning Essentials for Physiotherapists explores the use of clinically reasoned strength training for injury management and return to activity. The course aims to provide clinicians with an understanding of the specific role of strength training within physiotherapy management.

Current rehabilitation guidelines, evidence-based exercises and concepts of exercise prescription and program design are discussed with an emphasis on how to best incorporate them into clinical practice. The course looks beyond the initial phase of injury management, to examine the use of strength training for a range of common musculoskeletal presentations

This Level 1 workshop is aimed at all health professionals, including new and recent graduates and is an ideal introduction to Strength & Conditioning for health professionals with no prior experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Strength and conditioning for injury rehabilitation and return to activity

  • The role of strength training in injury prevention

  • Exercise dosage and physiological adaptation in rehabilitation and beyond

  • The coaching and technique of strength and conditioning exercises

  • Physiotherapy based strength and conditioning program design

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