The Running Athlete: Assessment, Retraining and Rehab.


Oct 5th-6th 2019 Melbourne

Date: October 5th-6th 2019

Venue: Melbourne

Presenters: Kevin Leiberthal (Running Physiotherapist) and John Contreras (APA Sports Physiotherapist, S&C Coach, Pilates Coach)

Understanding running biomechanics, the influence of speed, implications of changing terrain (hills and surface), strength and conditioning, footwear and gait retraining are essential in the management of the running athlete.

This two day course will provide Physiotherapists with a detailed review of running biomechanics, a framework for completing clinical running assessments, discuss treatment/rehabilitation strategies and develop strength and conditioning programs for your running patients.

This course is targeted at the newly graduated clinician through to the experienced clinician routinely involved in managing individuals involved in running.

Topics Covered:

  • Participants should gain greater understanding of running biomechanical principles, including kinematics and kinetics of running mechanics, motor recruitment and movement patterns that may contribute to overload

  • Participants should gain a greater understanding of running technique/efficiency and implications of gait changes (including the influence of terrain, fatigue and gait retraining)

  • Participants should be able to develop an effective platform for the clinical assessment of the injured runner

  • Participants will gain greater understanding of strength and conditioning for running

  • Participants should gain a greater understanding of running programming and loading principles (e.g. training planning including recovery, walk/run, acute:chronic loading)

  • Participants should gain greater understanding of the footwear available for runners and the implications associated with the variations in structure and function of the shoe